There are many different charges when buying or selling a home…from Taxes, commissions, title insurance and much more.  Not sure who pays for what?

Check out the table below for a brief summary of “Who pays for what”  Note, this is not an all inclusive list, and is just an estimate, but it is a great resource to help figure it all out.

Buyer Charges – many of these items go into what is called the Buyers Closing Costs, typically a buyer will need $3500-$4000 to cover their closing costs – this is in addition to their Down Payment.

Buyer Charges

Appraisal Fee$450-$600
Credit Report per Borrower$70-$100
Underwriting Fee$800-1100
Fraud Review Fee$140
Annual Home Owners Insurance$800-1400
3 Months Property Insurance for Escrow$250-$500
Title Company Closing Fee$200-400
Lender Title Policy Coverage$200
Title Recording Fees$100
Title Closing Protection Letters$30
Title Endorsements$50-$200
Broker Documentation Fee$350
HOA Transfer IN Fees$75-$150
Down Payment – Varies GreatlyBuyer
Home Inspections$400-$700

Seller Charges – as with most things, many of these charges are negotiable items on the purchase agreement and or listing contract, but the list below will give you a general overview on the typical charges that a seller pays.

Seller Charges

Realtor Commissions6-7% of purchase Price
Property Taxes12-18 Months at current rate
Title Policy $600-$1000
Title Closing Fee$200-$400
Title Recording Fee$100
Property Survey$200
Broker Documentation Fee$350
Deed and Affidavit Fee$75
Title Search and Exam Fee$325
Closing Protection Letter$30
HOA Transfer Out Fee$75-$150